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Gender, Diversity & Equality

aktualisiert am 22.03.2023 um 11:47

Bild: Silvia Spinnato, Chefdirigentin des FEMALE SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA AUSTRIA
What does it mean to be a man or a woman? Are men and women wired differently? This course discusses gender identities and stereotypes, and approaches masculinities and femininities from different perspectives and disciplinary lenses, and using different methods of analysis.

The lecture series will provide a different take on the topics of gender, diversity and equality through the lenses of different disciplines represented at PLUS' six faculties.

Besides the Introductory session and the final exam session on the topics covered, the course consists mainly of scientific lectures that showcase the research conducted at different departments of the University of Salzburg.

The lecture is held every Monday in lecture hall 381, Rudolfskai 42, starting at 5:15 PM.


Alle Videos dieses Beitrags nacheinander abspielen Alle Videos dieses Beitrags nacheinander abspielen

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-03-14 - Zoe Lefkofridi (GW) (EN):
Intro & Basic Concepts
- Länge: 00:25:08

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-03-20 - Nadine Zwiener-Collins (GW) (EN):
"Women in the Pandemic - How Covid19 impacted Gender Roles"
- Länge: 01:05:38

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-03-27 - Vera Beloschitzkaya (GW) (EN):
"Gender Politics and Policies in Postcommunist Democracies"
- Länge: 01:01:30

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-04-17 - Zoe Lefkofridi (GW) (EN):
Variations of Oppression
- Länge: 00:53:41

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-04-24 - Vicky König (NLW) (EN):
Power, Powerlessness, Empowerment
- Länge: 01:04:51

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-05-08 - Roland Cerny-Werner (KTH) (DE):
"Realität – Rezeption – Repräsentation. Frauen in der Kirchengeschichte"
- Länge: 01:31:13

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-05-22 - Verena Fuchsberger-Staufer (DAS) (EN):
"Diversity in Human-Computer Interaction"
- Länge: 00:57:57

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-06-05 - Eva Hausbacher (KW) (DE):
Kopflose Körper. Gender Studies in der Literaturanalyse
- Länge: 01:00:37

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-06-12 - Astrid Reichel (RWW) (EN):
"Have I tried hard enough? Some insights in the role of institutions for gender equality"
- Länge: 00:53:47

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-06-19 - Silvia Spinnato, Chefdirigentin des FEMALE SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA AUSTRIA (FSOA)
Komponistinnen...eine Parallelwelt?
- Länge: 00:36:06

Dieses Video abspielen 2023-06-19 - Zoe Lefkofridi, Dept of Political Science
Exam – Lecture Series
- Länge: 00:15:33