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Materiality and Virtuality – Entanglements of Material and Virtual Worlds in Medieval an Early Modern Material Culture

aktualisiert am 27.11.2023 um 13:35

Bild: Elisabeth Gruber
Materiality and virtuality do not form an irreconcilable binary opposition, it is, in our view, their productive interaction that in fact gives rise to the fabrics of signification in which ‘realities' consist. Based on the assumption that people create culture in continuously self-renewing processes of negotiation in the interplay of virtuality and materiality, the contributions explore how people generate virtuality, and how far they need sensual points of reference and connection in and with the material world.

Bild: Christina Antenhofer
The conferenc was organized by the Interdisciplinary Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IZMF) and the Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture (IMAREAL) at the University of Salzburg in cooperation with the research network Virtual Materialities – Material Virtualities (VIRMA). The Conference took place at the Kolpinghaus Campus Krems.


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Dieses Video abspielen Christina Antenhofer|Elisabeth Gruber|Alexander Zerfaß, Salzburg
Opening of the Conference
- Länge: 06:06

Dieses Video abspielen Chair: Alexander Zerfaß, Salzburg
Materiality and Virtuality in the History of Knowledge
- Länge: 02:13

Dieses Video abspielen Christian Pietsch, Münster
Materialität als Potenzialität zur Aufnahme von Form
- Länge: 41:23

Dieses Video abspielen Sebastian Haumann, Salzburg
Virtual Materialities in the History of Substances
- Länge: 31:43

Dieses Video abspielen Edith Kapeller|Julia Anna Schön, Vienna
Virtuality through Materiality. Grave Monuments as a Medial Strategy
- Länge: 33:29

Dieses Video abspielen Chiara Zuanni, Graz
Museum Materialities in-between Virtual Objects and Digital Materials
- Länge: 31:35

Dieses Video abspielen Rektor Hendrik Lehnert|Christina Antenhofer
Introduction Keynote Speaker
- Länge: 04:41

Dieses Video abspielen Liv Nilsson Stutz, Växjö|Sweden
Cadavers, Dead Bodies, and Human Biomaterials
- Länge: 36:54

Dieses Video abspielen Karin Harrasser, Linz
- Länge: 10:30

Dieses Video abspielen Matthias Däumer, Krems
Virtual Insanity Is What We Are Living in
- Länge: 26:46

Dieses Video abspielen Thomas Kühtreiber|Sabine Miesgang, Krems
Physical Contact as a Practice of Mediating Salvation Using the Example of the so-called ›Fraisensteine‹
- Länge: 32:13

Dieses Video abspielen Heidy Greco-Kaufmann, Bern
Insights into the Mechanisms of Materiality and Virtuality.
- Länge: 30:11

Dieses Video abspielen Christina Antenhofer|Walter Brandstätter|Stefan Zedlacher, Salzburg
Built Space and Virtual Space
- Länge: 41:32

Dieses Video abspielen Thomas Pickles, Chester
Inventing a Medieval Liberty in the Landscape:
- Länge: 30:54

Dieses Video abspielen Michael Brauer, Salzburg
Representing the Absent King? Material Dimensions of Royal Presence in Late Medieval France
- Länge: 25:40

Dieses Video abspielen Katherine Wilson, Chester (Audio and Presentation)
Keynote - Materiality and Virtuality, Reconstructing and Exploring the Past Through Objects
- Länge: 44:03

Dieses Video abspielen Claudia Maria Kraml|Dominik Nießl, Augsburg
The Codex Manesse in TEI format. Towards a Transcription Database for Manuscript C
- Länge: 27:22

Dieses Video abspielen Sean Winslow, Graz
New Imaging Technologies and the Invisible Materiality of the Book
- Länge: 30:37

Dieses Video abspielen Florian Kragl, Erlangen
The Fascination for Materiality and the Hiatus between Editorial Practice and Literary Criticism
- Länge: 28:55

Dieses Video abspielen Christina Antenhofer|Elisabeth Gruber|Alexander Zerfaß, Salzburg
- Länge: 11:17